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Perignem - Selenium Vase



Selenium vase by Perignem. Marked. Good vintage condition. 34cm high, diameter 10cm.


Perignem, Latin for "Through Fire" was a ceramics workshop in Beernem, founded by Laurent and Rogier Vandeweghe. In 1954 the company split up and Rogier Vandeweghe went his own way to found Amphora.

Perignem was the most important ceramics workshop of the 50's and 60's in Belgium. They pioneered a very ideosyncratic idiom that remains instantly recognisable to this day.


The vase on offer is a Selenium vase, the typical color comes from an oxidation glaze, a firing where the atmosphere inside the kiln has sufficient supplies of oxygen to react with the glaze resulting in brighter colors than reduction glazes.


Literature: Marc Heiremans, 'Art ceramics, Pioneers in Flanders, 1938-1978', Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart (DE), 2006.

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