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François Arnal, T9 table for l'Atelier A, 1972

François Arnal, T9 table for l'Atelier A, 1972



Coffee table by François Arnal for l'Atelier A. The clamp system gives the possibility to choose the size, the shape and the material of the top to create the table you need. Chrome feet and a slate top.

L' Atelier a was a design collective founded by French artist François Arnal active between 1969 and 1975. The group was made up of painters, sculptors, architects,...,who felt that their art was removed too far from daily life. 

L' Atelier a created an environment where artists could create prototypes, decorative objects, furniture, even audiovisual happenings. Over the years over 50 artists participated in the project.

Literature: Atelier A, Braunstein-Kriegel Chloé, Jollant Kneebone Françoise, Editions Norma.

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